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The year was 1980, and Alberta was in trouble. A Federal Energy program had slowed our economy to a standstill. As the Alberta Economy crashed, high unemployment coupled with high interest rates had made the day to day life of working Albertans a real struggle.

“Maybe we should quit our jobs, borrow some money and start a Business?!?” said almost nobody..........

Except the two gentlemen that soon started “Gemco Fireplaces Ltd.”

“Why Fireplaces?” .................. why not?

For many years, fireplaces have been front and center in Alberta homes, but also in the memories we create with our families and friends.

Who out there doesn't have or hasn't wished for a memory, that involves a cold winter night, a hot tasty beverage, and a group of family and friends laughing and talking, huddled around a roaring fire in the Fireplace?

Put your smart phones down and turn off Netflix...... crank up the Fireplace and make some Memories!

Without a fireplace in our homes, would Santa Claus be able to deliver presents for Christmas morning? Instead of sliding down the fireplace chimney, would the Jolly Fat Man ring the front doorbell? Or enter the code on the garage door key pad? I think not.

Yes, Gemco has Fireplaces..... But we also have a lot more........we have great people, great people that want to make you happy. We're not here trying to make quotas or see how many units we can sell in a day, we are here to help you find the type of fireplace you will be happy with for a very long time. And in that time we hope you make many positive memories around that fireplace with your family and your friends.