We can’t all live near the coast or in areas where humidity levels are always ideal. So it’s important to recreate similar conditions in our homes, especially during winter months when we have to live with forced, dry air for long periods.

Our patented line of furnace-mount humidifiers provides many benefits that have positive effects on health, home and the environment. We need water to feel good and be healthy. In fact, our skin’s top layer must ideally contain 20-35% water to remain soft and pliable. Without enough moisture, skin will shrivel and crack. The Desert Spring Humidifier systems will improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), help to relieve dry, itchy skin, allergies and respiratory problems as well as improve hair and complexion. Quite simply, you’ll breathe easier, sleep better and feel healthier.

Patented¹ electronic water flow control reduces demand for water by up to 80% compared to ordinary flow-through humidifiers. When in operation, the water supply solenoid valve is pulsed on for approximately 2-4 seconds, sufficient time to soak the entire evaporative pad. Upon saturation, the valve is closed for approximately 30 seconds to allow the dispersed water to evaporate without the waste of excess water flowing into the pad and down the drain. The interval times on this cycle can be changed depending on the type of furnace.