The Napoleon Roxbury™ 30 Gas Fireplace Insert easily transforms your existing masonry or prefabricated fireplace into an efficient heating source, eliminating drafts and ultimately saving you money. The incredible, realistic YELLOW DANCING FLAMES® and elegant designer options turn your room into a tranquil getaway. The state-of-the-art pan burner system guarantees a wide range of heat output, exactly what you need for maximum comfort.

371 square inch viewing area

Exclusive PHAZER® log set with glowing embers

Back-up control system ensures reliable use, even during power failures

100% SAFE GUARD™ automatic gas shut off for your peace of mind

Heat circulating blower with variable speed control and thermodisc on/off switch comes standard

50% flame/heat adjustment for maximum comfort and efficiency

Hinged, high heat ceramic glass door

Heavy gauge pan burner system creates a unique YELLOW DANCING FLAMES®