The majority of gas fireplace remotes require batteries on both ends. The hand held and the receiver. Its not uncommon for the batteries to last several years in the receiver, therefor these are easily overlooked. Try looking in the bottom of the fireplace there should be a little black box with switch on it. This contains some batteries as well.


The switch located on the little black box is your override. If you switch this to on your fireplace should light up instantly, even without batteries. If your fireplace does not light up at this point then you may require a service call.

A brand new fireplace has a break in period much like an oven or BBQ. During the manufacturing process there are some oils that are left behind from the equipment that is used to manufacture the components. This oil along with any high temperature paint can cause an odour and some slight smoking when you first use your fireplace. The fireplace requires a burn off period before you can enjoy it without any odour or smoke. Napoleon recommends running your fireplace for a continuous 8 hours without any blower running. This will ensure your fireplace reaches the temperatures necessary to eliminate these odours and smoke.


The smoke and odour is non toxic but can be quite nauseating. Open some windows in the room to help remove the smell from the home.

Black soot on the inside of your fireplace is a sign of blockage on the burner or a leak in one of the gastets that seal your fireplace. This is not normal and you should stop using the fireplace immediately. This soot is caused by incomplete combustion and is very fine. Even just opening the glass could mean your house will fill with this soot. Its best to have a qualified technician to inspect your fireplace for the cause as soon as possible. This soot could lead to staining on the outside of your home or worse. Please contact us today if you experience this problem.

Absolutely not. This is very dangerous. Real rocks or stones could have moisture trapped inside them. This moisture can expand and explode when heated. This could be very dangerous. Please only install manufacture approved media kits for your fireplace. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.