The Impact of NRCANS's Amendment 15 on Gas Fireplaces

Monday, August 19, 2019 4:31 AM

The short story - Gas fireplaces manufactured after January 1, 2020, can no longer be equipped with standing orcontinuous burning pilots for sale in Canada. Pilot lights cannot operate longer than 7 days.  There is no sell through restrictions for products manufactured before January 1, 2020.This Canadian law also requires aminimum efficiency of 50% for all gas fireplace heaters certified to the ANSI Z21.88 CSA2.33 Test Standard for Vented Gas fireplace Heaters. There is no minimum efficiency for decorative gas fireplaces certified to ANSIZ21.50 CSA2.22, which represent most of Wolf Steel’s products. For more detailed information, please read the article below.
NRCAN’s Amendment 15 take seffecton January 1,2020. NRCAN’s mandate is to develop, implement and deliver policies, programs, science and technology for the sustainabe development and responsible use of Canada’s mineral, energy and forestry resources. While Amendment 15 addresses a variety of different fuel burning appliances, this document summarizes theimpact to gas fireplaces sold in Canada. Gas Fireplaces have been subject to NRCAN Regulations since 2002 but this Amendment represents the most significant impact to them.
-> These regulations apply to gas fireplaces manufactured after the January 1st, 2020 deadline. Models manufactured before the deadline not complying with Amendment 15 may still be sold.

-> These regulations apply to any gas fireplaces that cross a provincial border within Canada. This includes products imported into Canada but does not apply to products manufactured for export to markets outside of Canada.

-> While the Amendment describes a variety of different pilot ignition systems that are acceptable, ultimately it prohibits the sale of any gas fireplace that possesses a continuously burning pilot burner like those used in the millivolt systems previously available in many of our models.

-> The exception to this requirement is that a pilot burner may burn continuously for a maximum of 7 days before it must shut off, provided the main burner function is not used within that period. To comply, all of our gas fireplace models will be available with electronic ignition system that will shut down the pilot burner after 7 days of non-use when in the Continuous Pilot Mode (CPI).

-> All gas fireplaces must be tested to the CSA P.4.1 Method for Measuring Annual Fireplace Efficiency (FE) which must be reported to NRCAN and the product labelled with it.

-> Gas fireplaces certified to the ANSI Z21.88 CSA 2.33 Test Standard for Vented Gas Fireplace Heaters must have a minimum 50% FE to be sold in Canada. Our new GI Series Gas Inserts are all certified as heaters and exceed this minimum FE.

-> Heating gas fireplaces are defined in Amendment 15 as a vented fireplace that is fuelled by natural gas or propane and is not a decorative gas fireplace.

-> Gas fireplaces certified to the ANSI Z21.50 CSA 2.22 Test Standard for Vented Decorative Gas Appliances are not subject to a minimum FE requirement. All our gas fireplace models except the GI Series are approved to this standard.

-> Decorative gas fireplaces are defined in Amendment 15 as a vented fireplace that is fuelled by natural gas or propane, is marked for decorative use only and is not equipped with a thermostat or intended for use as a heater.

-> Gas Fireplaces must be configured as direct vent models unless marked for replacement use only.